Release Notes for Mobi firmware, iOS and Android applications

The current version of the Eyefi Mobi card firmware is 5.2010.

v 5.2010 (10 Oct 2013)

  • Implemented a bug fix for Eyefi Connected cameras
  • Increased power to WiFi when in direct mode

The current version of the Eyefi iOS application is 3.0.15.

v 3.0.15 (30 Jan 2014)

  • General improvements made to the process of receiving from the Eyefi card
  • Fixes a crash that can occur when the Eyefi server is extremely busy

v 3.0.14 (09 Jan 2014)

  • New App Store icon
  • Device storage threshold changed to > 200MB

v 3.0.13 (12 Dec 2013)

  • New application icon
  • Does not crash when there's not enough space for new mobi card uploads
  • Allows mobi activation in Spanish (bugfix)
  • Corrects a rare crash when scrolling (dateformatter fix)

The current version of the Eyefi Android application is 1.6.1.

v 1.6.1 (15 Oct 2013)

  • Fixed re-uploading of photos issue caused by media mounting
  • Fixed issue where upon resuming gallery, it would scroll to the top (oldest) photos. It now maintains its position.
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